Most of our items should be fine if washed on the hand wash or delicate cycle of your modern washing machines, do not exceed temperature recommendations stated on the label.
Delicate fabrics; knit cottons & linens, we would always recommend hand washing

Tips and advice for extending the life of your garments:
  • Always use the lowest washing temperature you can, eg, 20-30 degrees, for a short time 
  • Woollen garments hate to be spun and rubbed - always wash by hand or use the hand wash cycle on your machine to prevent felting
  • Always separate colours 
  • Don't tumble dry garments if possible, always line dry 
  • Turn delicate fabric garments, such as wool, inside out
  • Iron garments inside out



Due to its hygroscopicity and morphology, items made from this fibre provide natural comfort and a pleasant feel, making it the ideal choice for garments that come into direct contact with your babies skin. It can be washed by conventional methods. 


Shave Regular, Knits made from natural fibres can pill. Pilling occurs most frequently when cashmere is brand new. Don't wear and wash. Hand Wash in cold water and use a mild detergent - Organic baby shampoo/ a biodegradable wool wash. Lay flat to dry. Be patient.


As this is a natural fibre, it has a high degree of moisture absorption, it is flexible and has a good insulation for protection against the cold. Woollen items do not crease easily, they are soft to the touch, warm and suitable for the autumn and winter garments. Wool shrinks by felting and should be washed by hand, at low temperatures, or dry cleaned. 


This natural fibre provides a comfortable fresh feeling. it is strong with little elasticity, and very absorbent. Linen is very common in the summer garment. We recommend washing it by hand, as it has a strong tendency to shrink and crease.

Down & Padded 

Garments with both natural and synthetic fibres can be washed by machine. We recommend turning the garments inside out and closing zips. Drying is very important, to avoid the feathers clumping. You can also use a tumble dryer.


This is a very hard wearing, versatile synthetic fibre, with low moisture absorption. Easy care, it does not shrink or crease when washed, and it dries very quickly.